Muskingum University monitoring campus to keep both students and staff safe

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NEW CONCORD – University President Susan Hasseler says staff worked with national and state standards as well as the County Health Department to devise a variety of protocols to ensure proper sanitation.

“Everyone on campus is wearing a mask you’re going to see that when you walk in and out. We ask our visitors to. We’re engaging in social distancing and we’re doing a daily health check with all of our employees and all of our students on an app and it is called Muskie Safe. You get this app on your phone and you do a health check that you’re feeling well, you’re doing great, and then you come to campus and do you work or be an athlete or be in class,” Hasseler said.

She also believes students should be given credit where its due when dealing with the circumstances.

“I am particularly proud of how our students have come back to the campus. They are embracing the wearing of masks, they’re working with each other on the social distancing, they are overcoming some of these barriers to be friendly and welcoming and providing this great experience and that’s what we do at Muskingum,” Hasseler said.

Many of Muskingum University’s classrooms have separated its workspaces by using plexiglass dividers.

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