Many Muskingum University students are thrilled to be back

Local News

ZANESVILLE – Students were first allowed to move back on campus on Sunday, August 16th. With careful social distancing and safety measures put in place by the University, student athlete Camryn Woodley does feel safe returning to the classroom.

“I’m like so excited to be back honestly. I get to be back with my classmates again which we can all tackle off of each other’s ideas in the classroom. In addition to that, with softball, I get to see my teammates (and) even if we can’t be super close right now we can say ‘hi’ in passing and you just know that you have that community around you even if you can’t be immediate with them, that is there to support that is there to support you like it was in the previous years so its good to be back,” Woodley said.

Woodley also said she is taking all of her courses on campus now and she did not feel the need to schedule remote courses because of Covid-19.

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