Heroes Reunited At Tee Jaye’s

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-Earlier this year Tee Jaye’s Country Place restaurant was the unlikely venue of a heroic act. 

When 75 year old Sue Demp went into cardiac arrest she stopped breathing. Waitress Misty Palmer stepped in to save her life.

“Well it was a normal day, honestly it was a busy day. We were just serving tables as usual. I was alerted that there was an issue over there, they had thought that she stopped breathing. We knew she hadn’t eaten yet so we knew she wasn’t choking. One of the servers got 911 on the phone. We checked for a pulse, there was no pulse. Our first thought was to get her on the floor, still no pulse, get her on her back, still no pulse, so we just started CPR on her from there.”, Palmer said this morning.

Palmer continued CPR until paramedics arrived, likely saving Demp’s life. Demp and Palmer were reunited this morning. 

“It’s a wonderful feeling. She just is truly a remarkable person. She saw what was happening and just started to CPR immediately until the squad came. I can’t thank her enough.”, Demp gushed.

Truly an unlikely friendship, but one made strong by circumstance.