Congressman Balderson Comes To Zanesville To Campaign For Trump

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-Congressman Troy Balderson came home to Zanesville this morning to lead a rally for President Trump at American Pride. 

The rally coincided with the Republican National Convention currently happening in Charlotte, North Carolina. Balderson was thrilled to return to the area and campaign on the part of his political party. 

“It’s fantastic and I’m blessed to be able to do it. It’s an honor for me to come back and see hometown people. It’s an honor to come back here to Ryan’s facility. Ryan has done so much with this corner, he has made this community proud by what he’s done. As I said earlier I mean so many people go down state 7 and say ‘what a beautiful way to come into Zanesville, Ohio’.”

A bevy of republican supporters came out to hear Balderson speak on how the party is looking to help the American economy. Balderson wanted to make clear the goals of the Republican party as laid out by this year’s RNC. 

“I think there’s a lot of substance to it. I think the speakers that he has coming forward, they’re gonna talk about this and they’re gonna talk about the economy and how strong it is and how strong we’re getting it to come back and how we’re gonna get it to keep advancing and moving forward. I think his agenda of who he has speaking, will do a very broad message, and it’s gonna be positive and it’s gonna be upbeat and it’s gonna give some people some positive insight. We need that right now more than anything.”

Balderson is currently campaigning for reelection for his seat as congressman for Ohio’s twelfth congressional district.