Board Of Elections Offers Update On Registration

Local News

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, Ohio-The Muskingum county Board of Elections is gearing up for the November national and local elections. 

The biggest issue facing the board is making sure people are properly registered to vote. Election specialist Cheryl West has information on how and when to register. 

“In order to be able to vote in any election in Muskingum county you need to be registered to vote. There is a form to fill out. The form requires certain information and the form requires a first time, if you’ve never voted before, it needs to be completed and turned into the board of election. In order to vote in November that form needs to be turned in to us by nine pm on October the fifth.”

People who have moved addresses also need to register to vote once again. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic absentee voting is a viable option to stay safe, West has more information on how to register for an absentee ballot. 

“It allows you to vote outside of our office or outside of a voting precinct. The ballot will be mailed to your house, but in order for that to happen there is a required registration form. We need to verify that the person is a registered voter in Muskingum County. So there is a separate form that allows us to send the ballot to your house.” 

Both forms can be picked up and returned to the Board offices in downtown Zanesville or on the Board’s website.