Pet of the Week; Fundraiser

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Animal Shelter Society of Zanesville has named its pet of the week. 

This week’s pet is Easter bunny or E.B., a one year old rabbit who has been with the society since July. Secretary of the board of directors for the society April Cohagen-Gibson has more information on E.B. 

“This is Easter Bunny, we’ve abbreviated it to E.B. He is a one year old Dutch, he is neutered. Anything that leaves our shelter is altered. He is fully sponsored, someone is sponsoring him to find a happy home… You don’t wanna have a lot of chaos, lots of cats and dogs around them. You certainly want them protected in an enclosure.”

The society also wanted to tell us about its upcoming fundraising event. 

“Well we have our next fundraiser coming up. As a nonprofit 5013C that’s what we depend on in our great community. The Day In The Doghouse is slated for Wednesday, September 16th. Its gonna be held here at the Animal Shelter, instead of going inside our building which is now closed to the public and done virtually it will be outside here in the parking lot. We have some food trucks coming in, we have a DJ coming in, it’s just gonna be a good time. It’s how we support our animals here at the shelter.”

The shelter is still running its adoption process online. 

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