OUZ To Pass Out PPE Bags to Students

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-Ohio University Zanesville is passing out bags of personal protective equipment to their students in a practice clinical for its nursing students. 

Nursing students are one of two groups of students allowed in person classes from the college. Interim Associate Dean of Campus Operations Hannah Nissen explains the reasoning why and how students are kept safe during the COVID pandemic. 

“Lab classes will be primarily our science courses and our nursing courses. We have determined that the face to face labs are particularly important in meeting the learning objectives for those courses… What we’ve had to do is decrease the numbers that will be allowed in any given lab space at any given time to assure that is appropriate social distancing.”

No more than nine students will be in labs at a time and all will be checked for fevers at the door. Non science and nursing students can expect a continuation of online learning. 

“There are the typical courses that we would have but they’re all going to be remote in one way or another. Some of them are going to be fully online, other courses will be remote via Zoom or Teams. That’s a synchronous offering, so students will be meeting with their instructors via video conferencing. So a lot of our classes will be done that way because we’ve determined that that’s the best way for those courses to be offered.”

Classes will resume on August 26th.