Ohio State Highway Patrol Reminds Motorists to Move Over for Emergency Vehicles

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ZANESVILLE, OH – The Ohio State Highway Patrol wants to remind motorists to move over or slow down when they see a stopped emergency vehicle.

The “Move Over” Law is an Ohio law that requires all drivers to move to an adjacent lane or slow down when approaching stopped emergency vehicles who have their warning lights activated.

“Unfortunately this is an event that does occur nationwide every day. We’re law enforcement officers, fire, EMS, tow truck drivers, highway workers, are struck and injured while working on the side of the roadway. So it is very important to know that moving over and slowing down does help save their lives. It saves your life, it’s just the right thing to do,” OSHP Sergeant Nathan Dennis said.

From 2015 to 2019 there were 49 OSHP patrol car crashes that were ‘move over’ related, resulting in one civilian death and 49 officer and civilian injuries.

“We’re obviously out here for service. What we want to do is be able to help people, ensure people are getting to their destination safely. Allowing ourselves to handle crashes or whatever incidents we may be handling alongside the roadway. Whether that’s just simply stopping someone who’s been speeding or arresting a drunk driver. What we want to do is ensure that we are able to work safely. So the importance of move over and slow down is ensuring that you move over into that other lane or you slow way down so that you give that officer, that public servant, room to work on the side of the roadway.”

Failing to move over or slow down for a public safety vehicle is a citable offense where you can be stopped and charged with a moving traffic violation.

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