Reactions To Papa Chuck’s Demolition

Local News

PUTNAM, Ohio-The historic building formerly known as Papa Chuck in Putnam is being torn down. 

Public reaction to the demolition has been tepid but a vocal minority led by Joe Nezbeth has been active at the site. 

“City Hall has not only gone too far in not protecting historical properties within the historical district of Putnam, but it seems like the wrecking ball is the solution to everything, to every issue for some reason. It’s been proven that it’s cheaper to level it, make another empty lot, whatever, than try to modify or change our procedures.”

The building and lot have been owned by a West Virginia based communications company. Mayor Don Mason explains how the building’s demolition came to be. 

“There are probably five major properties, at the very least, in Zanesville that are historic, that architecturally have a lot to offer. I was saddened that the Papa Chucks building, older people like me would call it Mama Bucci’s, was demolished. Over the last five years it has sat without any attention and one might argue even from 2012 to now. Everybody knows that if you let any structure, any building, any house, sit for years without heat, basically it starts to go from the bottom up.”

Mason is concerned with other historic buildings in Downtown Zanesville and Putnam. 

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