City of Zanesville Received Deed to the Lear Property

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ZANESVILLE, OH – Today was a big day for the City of Zanesville as Mayor Don Mason received the deed to the Lear Property at 2200 Linden Avenue.

Mayor Mason is optimistic about the future of this property. So far the city has already begun working with an engineering firm to assess the property and the scope of work required to evaluate and then clean up the site.

“Well our goal will be to continue work with the Ohio Attorney General on getting cooperation or money from the prior land owners and then again at the same time starting the clean up of the property, so that frankly the water system would be finally safe as far as the river goes and we can make the town a more attractive city by increasing investment into what I call the inner city.”

About a year of work and lots of group cooperation went into the handing over of the deed today.

“So we’ve been working on this for about a year now, and it all culminated into what happened today. We worked with the Ohio Attorney Generals Office, the Ohio EPA, the USEPA, City of Zanesville, and Muskingum County, there were several entities involved in making this actually happen. And once we got everybody to sign off on everything, once we got the Land Bank back up and running we were able to actually execute this,” Executive Director of the Muskingum County Land Utilization Corporation Andy Roberts said.

Mayor Mason wants to thank the Zanesville City Council for their support and ideas and looks forward to more cooperation with city council and local leaders as they move forward with the site.

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