Governor DeWine: Schools Doing a Good Job Getting Ready for Students

COVID-19 Local News Stories

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine held his Tuesday COVID-19 pandemic update. He says he thinks schools are doing a very good job getting ready for in-person or virtual schooling – or both. He says he has every confidence that they will do everything they can do to keep Ohio’s children safe, but whatever is going on in their communities will be reflected in the schools. DeWine made a plea that if we want to keep our kids in school and playing sports, it’s up to all of us to cut down the spread by wearing masks, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings.

One of the doctors who spoke at Tuesday’s news conference, Dr. Patty Manning of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, offered some tips to keep schools safe:

Wear a mask

Social distance – six feet, even three feet will help

Washing your hands

Cleaning surfaces

Ventilation – classes with the windows open or outside

Dr Manning said that children who get COVID-19 can spread COVID-19.

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