Muskingum County reports 19 more positive cases of COVID-19

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio— The Muskingum County Joint Unified Command Center is reporting Monday that 19 more Muskingum County residents have tested positive for COVID-19.

Case 238 is a 26-year-old man related to case 228. Case 239 is a 13-year-old girl related to case 178. Case 241 is a 33-year-old woman related to cases 214, 215, 218, and 234. Case 243 is a 54-year-old woman related to case 233. Case 244 is a 27-year-old woman related to case 241. Case 250 is a 67-year-old woman related to case 208. Case 253 is a 15-year-old girl related to case 216. Case 254 is a 24-year-old man related to cases 194, 209, and 233. Case 255 is a 55-year-old woman related to cases 215 and 244. Case 256 is a 62-year-old man related to case 223. These cases are recovering at home.

Case 240 is a 26-year-old man. Case 242 is a 52-year-old woman. Case 245 is a 41-year-old man. Case 246 is a 50-year-old man. Case 248 is a 46-year-old man. Case 249 is a 34-year-old woman. Case 251 is a 28-year-old woman. Case 252 is a 48-year-old woman. These cases are recovering at home and are not related to previous cases.

Case 247 is an 82-year-old woman who is hospitalized and not related to previous cases.

Muskingum County is reporting the following: • 252 Confirmed Cases • 4 Probable Cases • 256 Total Cases • 45 Active Cases • 3 Current Hospitalization/28 Total Hospitalizations • 1 Death

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