McHugh Dealership Presents Check

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The McHugh automotive dealership in Zanesville presented a check to Eastside Community Ministries Monday afternoon. 

The check was for nearly $6,000 and will go towards buying supplies for the upcoming school year.

“This, as I said earlier, is our seventh year of being involved in this. It’s really the best thing we get to be involved in all year. To be able to give money to Eastside in order to help kids out, and I know it’s going to really be used to help a lot of kids. It’s really rewarding for not only my family but all our employees,” said owner Tim McHugh.

The proceeds come off of sales from 117 cars the dealership has sold since the start of the promotion. McHugh said it was a happy coincidence for most of the customers. 

“Of course they didn’t come here to buy a car just to give the money. It’s just a nice little side benefit, that we’re doing something good for the community. I think Zanesville always appreciates when you do good things and that’s what we strive to do,” explained McHugh.

Present to receive the check was Eastside Community Executive Director Jamie Trout. She said the money was enough to help over 1,000 students this upcoming year. 

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