New Produce At Farmers Market

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Zanesville Farmers Market is getting new produce every week. 

This week’s fresh produce comes by way of Siegrist Orchards. Cassie Siegrist has a rundown of what she’s selling. 

“The main thing we’re selling right now is our peaches. We have white peaches, yellow and white peaches. We have white nectarines, we have plums, we have sweetcorn. Tomatoes are coming on real heavy so I’ll be having  a lot of tomatoes. My green beans are almost finished so that’ll be it for green beans for the year.” 

Siegrist will have a wide variety of apples come fall time. Siegrist also told us a little bit about where she grows the produce. 

“We’re located in Dresden about three miles north of Dresden actually is where our farm is. Our orchard is probably six miles north of the farm, way up on the hill… They can find us either at the Canal Market in Newark on Tuesdays and Fridays and we are at the fairgrounds also. Then during the week we’re probably gonna be out working on the farm somewhere”

Siegrist Orchards can also be reached on their Facebook page. 

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