Back to School Supplies Handed Out

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The Muskingum Valley Vineyard Church had their annual back to school giveaway this morning. 

Area children came with their parents and enjoyed snacks and a few games. Pastor of the church Wade Coffey says the event went very well. 

“Yeah, so we’re partnering with the Grove City vineyard and they do this in various places, where they’ll go to different neighborhoods or cities, partner with the church and give away backpacks and serve the communities. We have a connection with them, and they came here and so we’re partnering up to make this happen.”

Each backpack taken home was filled with school supplies for the upcoming academic year. Coffey says the event is good for the soul of the community. 

“Well, Jesus died for the community and we love the community. That’s why our church is here and we just wanna be generous, we wanna give. I think it’s really important for the body of Christ to let that generosity that’s in them to overflow in practical ways.”

The event was well attended and resources were expected to be fully depleted.

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