Zanesville City Schools Plan To Reopen

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The upcoming school year has a great deal of questions and grey areas due to the COVID pandemic. 

Zanesville City Schools has a plan in place to provide quality education in and out of the school building. Superintendent Doug Baker has more. 

“Obviously the first item we want to make everybody aware of is the safety precautions that we’ll be taking. As we do our reponeing there’ll be some education for the parents and our staff and the students on the safety measures. That first big safety measure is if you’re ill you have to stay home. Don’t come to the bus stop, don’t report to school, stay home.”

The symptoms for staying home should be symptoms related to the COVID-19 virus such as shortness of breath and high fever. The school is also offering full in person and online courses for its students. 

“This year we have remote learning for some students and in person learning for some students. However, if you’re ill you can still log into the remote learning on a particular day. So even if I’m not 100% and I should stay home if I’m not feeling well, I can still log in and get to my lessons for that particular day that I’m not feeling well.” 

Baker is confident that if need be the school can seamlessly work back to completely remote learning.