ODA Warning About Unsolicited Seeds

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Across the country people have been receiving mysterious unmarked packs of seeds in the mail. 

The seeds are nondescript and come in very small packages. Extension educator From Ohio State Clifton Martin has more information on the mysterious mail. 

“What appears to be happening are random seed packets are randomly arriving in the mail. It’s said that they appear to originate from China. They’re small packets. Maybe the seeds look familiar. For the most part, nobody has actually ordered these seeds, and I think it raised a little bit of alarm.”

If you receive a pack of seeds in the mail the Ohio Department of Agriculture does not want you to panic. They have very clear instructions on what to do if you receive a pack of unsolicited seeds. 

“The risk here mostly has to do with disease management and the risk of invasive species. That’s where most of the laws and regulations come into play. Because this is a way that things can get introduced into the United States that we don’t want… What ODA is asking is that seed packets either get shipped to ODA or they use extension offices, your local extension office in your county, as a drop off point.”

The Muskingum County Extension Office is open to the public Tuesdays through Thursdays and asks that you call ahead before dropping any seeds off. 

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