Joint Unified Command Offers COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Local News

ADAMSVILLE, Ohio-The Joint Unified Command met at the EMA to provide an update on COVID cases in Muskingum County. 

Usual addressor Dr. Jack Butterfield was off today and was filled in for by Dr. Robert Beight. Beight is the emergency medical director for Genesis Healthcare and filled us in on why it is less likely for Muskingum county to enter into a critical county designation. 

“Certainly it can happen, it can happen. We are blessed with geography here, I mean we have space. When you have areas and you look at the more urban areas they have more people they have less space. That’s the whole reason social distancing is such a powerful tool even though it is annoying to people that had to socially distance for months and months on end. Urban areas cannot do that, here we can, though I think some are choosing not to do that.”

Beight expressed the importance of wearing a mask and socially distancing. He also expressed that select groups of people need to take extra caution. 

“Health care being one. Certainly it does not take long for subspecialties in health care to get COVID. As an example, here in Muskingum County we have a few interventional cardiologists. If someone in their office were to get infected you could literally wipe out interventional cardiologists four entire county, and realistically four or five counties since we have such a large catch area.”

Beight stressed that Muskingum County could reach an epidemic height if measures were not followed through on. 

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