Genesis Healthcare Assumes Complete Control Of Ambulance Fleet

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Genesis Healthcare has recently finished purchasing the remainder of its ambulance fleet outright.

For years the healthcare system had owned 75% of the ambulance but has now purchased the remaining 25%. CEO Matt Perry explains how the purchase came to be. 

“We decided to acquire the last 25%. It’s been a 75-25 percent joint venture but we decided to acquire the last 25% because the parent company that owns the other 25% is getting out of the ambulance business. We are very committed to retaining a high quality ambulance service for our community.”

Perry says that the ambulance service will remain largely the same under complete control from Genesis. The ambulance service is incredibly important to the company. 

“The importance of ambulances in the community is really hard to underestimate. Our community ambulance responded to over 17,000 requests for service. It’s a vital link to get people that have an injury or  severe illness to get them in that pre-hospital, to get them into the organization.”

The ambulance fleet currently consists of sixteen units with eight in service day to day. 

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