Muskingum Behavioral Health Makes Use of Government Loans

Local News

ZANESVILE, Ohio- The Muskingum Behavioral Health Services have received federal grant money in the wake of the COVID pandemic. 

The first such grants were from the Paycheck Protection Program. Chief Executive Officer Steve Carrel says the funds came right in the nick of time.

“We were looking at layoffs here, even started to lay off, but we bright people back because of the PPP money. From what I’ve seen, there were a lot of other people, a lot of other organizations in Muskingum County, needed that boost to get over that initial craziness of the pandemic.”

Muskingum Behavioral Health has also been receiving federal SOARS Act funding. The funding has been going to the local Naomi House which helps mothers battle addiction. 

“In our particular area the six addiction agencies met with the mental health recovery board and we put together a plan. Others are, some are using it for recovery housing and others are using it for helping with treatment or recovery coaches. But we have a comprehensive plan in our six county area.”

The funding from the SOARS Act is expected to last another two years. 

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