Barn Owner Reacts To New Guidelines

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-This morning Governor Mike Dewine got new guidelines passed for bars and restaurants in response to the COVID pandemic. 

The guidelines mandate that all alcoholic beverages are to be sold by ten o’clock and no later. Owner of the local bar The Barn Jim Watson reacted to the news. 

“Those customers are going to be getting to-go drinks from Walmart or other big box companies. They’re probably gonna get alcohol from the state liquor store, they’re gonna have a house party. There’s gonna be no rules, and there’s gonna be no control of any social distancing. That’s our governor, that’s how out of touch he is with the people of our state. He doesn’t really understand this business and he obviously has no respect for this business.”

Watson is concerned for the livelihood of his employees and expects a significant drop in income. He says he has spoken to other local restaurant owners and their sentiments align. 

“I’ve reached out to some of my neighbors down the street and they’re pretty much under the same alignment I am, it feels like.  We’re being held accountable for things, we’re doing what they’ve asked us to do. Now we can only do them up until ten o’clock. He really has no faith or trust in people that we’re doing what we’re supposed to do after ten o’clock, or this virus is more contagious after ten o’clock, which makes zero sense. Again, I’m gonna look into some legal action, because I feel this is a violation of our rights.”

The governors mandate goes into effect this evening at ten o’clock.

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