ArtCoz Hangs Banners Downtown

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Artist Colony of Zanesville is hanging hand decorated banners on light poles in downtown Zanesville.

The banners are meant to be a welcoming decoration for visitors to the area. ArtCoz president Kristen Brown has more information. 

“We’ve got banners all around downtown Zanesville from the local artists that surround us. Everybody’s putting their spin on it and we’ve got them located going down on Market Street, on Main Street, on 5th and 6th street and 7th street, and we’re working on more right now.”

The banners depict a variety of art ranging from portraits to landscapes. Brown says the decorating is in conjunction with a tourism initiative. 

“Visit Zanesville is working with us and we got some new banners. If there’s anyone interested in painting banners we still have more to paint… They’ll actually contact ArtCoz or you can call me at 740-607-8560.”

There is no deadline to finish the banners. 

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