County Commissioners Meet

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio-The Muskingum County Commissioners met this afternoon to discuss the allocation of CARES Act money to townships. 

The meeting focused heavily on the Emergency Management Agency and then smaller townships’ government entities. Auditor Debra Nye says the funds will all be sussed to better average citizen’s lives. 

“It’s revenue that the county has received. It’s quite a bit of money, actually 2.2 million dollars that the county received as a whole. All of the municipalities, townships, the city of Zanesville as well as the county receive a portion of that money. Then they take it back to their local entity and can utilize that money.”

The commissioners have already reallocated the majority of the money. Nye says that they still have several months to finish the endeavor. 

“If those entities, which is municipalities and townships that they don’t request that money, then October 15th is the deadline, they have to return that money to the county auditor. I’m responsible for that money, to return it back to the state. Once it’s returned back October 15th then we can redistribute those monies to whatever the board of county commissioners would wanna implement.”

So far eight resolutions have been made concerning the CARES Act for local imbursement. 

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