MCLS Holds Virtual Tour

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The American Library Association’s President’s Tour is spotlighting Muskingum County’s Library System.

The spotlight consists of a virtual tour to be held tomorrow July 28th at one pm.  Interim director Stacey Russell has more information. 

“The American Library Association is doing a virtual tour across America because of COVID and one of their stops, actually tomorrow, will be at Muskingum County Library System. We’ll be talking about how we’re keeping our community connected during the pandemic… It’s a really great opportunity. We’re the only library in Ohio that will be spotlighted on this virtual tour of America. I think that we are uniquely positioned to talk about connectivity, because connectivity is not just access to broadband or the internet, it’s also an issue for affordability.”

The tour will take place over Zoom video service and will be much like a conversation between important state and local figures.

“It’s more like a conversation, so they won’t actually do a tour of the library. Actually it will just be talking about connectivity in Ohio. So we also have Senator Schaffer, a representative from Senator Portman’s office will be joining us, hopefully congressman Troy Balderson will also be joining us and they’ll be talking about broadband.”

Registration can be made on the American Library Association’s website.