Spay and Neuter Assistance Program Looking For Donations

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Paws of Muskingum County Spay and Neuter Assistance Program is set up at the Blue Ribbon Farmers Market looking for donations. 

The group is looking to help control the pet population so as to not overcrowd animal shelters. Volunteer Teresa Hildebrand lays out the mission of the group. 

“We also work with low income people, seniors, veterans and we help them get their animals spayed and neutered. We are very much trying to raise funds for a TNR program. TNR is trap, neuter and release. We have a great number of feral cats in Muskingum County, what they call community cats. They just live under your porches and everything. They don’t really belong to anybody but everybody feeds them. Nobody spays and neuters them cause it’s expensive, so we’re trying to raise funds for that.”

The group holds many pop up clinics to spay and neuter animals. Hildebrand gives advice about feeding what she calls the community cats. 

“When you have a colony it’s great that you’re feeding and watering them, especially now. I mean, think about it, when it’s not raining they don’t even have a dirty water puddle to drink out of. They have nothing, so they will die, they will get sick. If they do drink out of the dirty water puddles they pick up diseases and stuff. If you’re gonna feed and water a colony, make sure they have clean water and please contact somebody so they can get spayed and neutered.”

The organizations is accepting donations at the Blue Ribbon farmers Market at the fairgrounds. 

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