American Red Cross of East Central Ohio Pleas for More Volunteers

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ZANESVILLE, OH – The East Central Ohio Chapter of the Red Cross is putting out a plea for more volunteers across the state Ohio.

The Red Cross is in need of volunteers for many different areas, including hurricane relief volunteers willing to travel to areas hit by hurricanes, blood drive screeners, and local disaster volunteers.

“In spite of the pandemic and all the lock downs that have been happening the Red Cross mission still has to continue. We have so many services that are literally life saving so we have to continue and we do this through volunteers. So no matter what is happening in the world we need our volunteers to be able to help us out, to provide, to serve the communities,” Executive Director of the East Central Ohio Chapter of the American Red Cross Rod Cook said.

Hospitals are also in a great need for blood donations, as well as plasma donations from recovered COVID-19 patients.

“Besides volunteers we’re also looking for folks that can donate convalescent plasma. And what convalescent plasma is, these are individuals that have tested positive for COVID-19 but recovered. And we need these folks to step forward to donate their plasma because this plasma is now used in the intensive care units for the most critically ill folks, patients suffering from COVID-19.”

If you’re interested in volunteering you can go to or if you’re interested in donating blood or plasma you can go to for more information.

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