Ohio Faces Increase in Fatal Drug Overdoses

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ZANESVILLE, OH – Fatal drug overdoses have risen again in Ohio, just one year after the state saw its first decline in nine years.

Muskingum County has also seen an upward trend in overdose deaths and in overdose runs done by emergency personnel. Muskingum Behavioral Health is doing what they can to support those who have been affected by overdoses.

“We’re restarting our MORT team, Muskingum Overdose Response Team, to go meet folks who have overdosed or meet with their families whoever is around and offer help. We’re working really hard with those we serve to provide them with as much recovery support as we can,” Chief Executive Officer Steve Carrel said.

The Corona Virus pandemic has seriously impacted those in recovery who need a physical support group. Muskingum Behavioral Health has embraced tele-health to continue to provide help.

“AA and NA until they could figure out what to do, pretty much shut down in our area. So all of the natural support for people getting into recovery are gone. One of my recovery coaches started a meeting, a support group meeting at noon on Zoom, Zoom at Noon, and anybody that would you know talk to her let her know that they wanted to Zoom in, she would provide them with the username and password and they would have support group meetings 5 days a week.”

If you have a family member or friend struggling with addiction you can attend Muskingum Behavioral Health’s Wednesday Meetings at 6:30 pm at Christ’s Table.

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