Beekeepers Sets Up At Perry Fair

Local News

NEW LEXINGTON, Ohio- The Perry County Fair has a very thriving community and commercial section this year. 

One stand set up is the East Central Ohio Beekeepers association. Beekeeper Sue Springer explains why the fair is such an important place for the Association to spread its message. 

“Here at the fair we’re trying to inform people about keeping bees and the importance of bees through our agriculture and just life in general. That’s what we try to do, and again it’s just a nice fun relaxing hobby. We’re just a group of people that are hobby beekeepers. We meet usually about once a week, or we have meetings online now with COVID and we just share information on how to keep our bees.”

Springer is a first year beekeeper who recently joined the association. She says that the big thing holding people back is a fear of bees, but she says that it shouldn’t. 

“I think there’s no reason to be afraid of the bees. Really, if you don’t bother then they don’t usually bother you. In general, bees are pretty gentle. All they wanna do is take care of their queen and make honey, they don’t wanna sting you unless you bother them, and they’re more than happy to let you know when you’ve intruded on their territory. In general bees are pretty calm and very relaxing to watch.”

The Beekeepers Association is also selling raw honey and other treats at its stand. 

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