Adamsville Holds Culmination Of Three Days Of Tractor Pulls

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Adamsville Homecoming Festival has held its festivities over the last couple days.

Today they finished their tractor pulls with a pull expected to last all day today at Gaumer Park. President of the Adamsville Progressive Council Andy Spiker talked the event and what it means to the community. 

“The tractor pulls have been going great, we’ve had a great turnout. This year, I think especially with fewer things going on a lot of guys are excited to get out and get their tractors running again down the track. So they’ve had a great turnout and a lot of guys have had a lot of fun… I know garden tractors who pulled two nights ago said this is only the second time they’ve been out this year. So they were just really excited to get their toys out basically.”

Spiker said that today’s pull was especially dear as it is part of a longstanding tradition.

“It’s been a long standing tradition here, especially the farm pull which is going on today. It starts at ten in the morning and I’m guessing today it’ll end at six or seven o’clock and then they do a local truck class after. So if someone has a pickup truck that they drive off the road they let them bring it in here and hook it to the sled and see what they got.”

The event also had activities for children to participate in.