Community Conversations About Race To Be Held

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Nelson T. Gant Foundation, Muskingum County Libraries, muskingum County Community Foundation and the United Way are partnering to bring community conversations about race to Muskingum County. 

The events will begin next Thursday the 23rd and will be held over Zoom as to keep people safe. Dr. Anita Jackson lays out why she sees these conversations as being vital. 

“Some of the things that are talked about may be quite challenging to their belief system. We want an environment where people can be open and caring and authentic to themselves as they talk about these various issues.” 

Dr. Jackson says she hopes that the community conversations can be a stepping stone to quell race relations in the community and the country. She says the meetings will follow a specific structure. 

“We may also have guest speakers, we have scheduled several speakers to attend and present information. Then we’ll go into breakout rooms and the participants will have about an hour and ten minutes or so to, with the facilitators they’ll be guided by them, to go through what was presented and discuss.”

The talks are free to attend and can be registered for on the library’s website on the events page.