OSHP is asking for your help in winning a contest

Local News

ZANESVILLE – This is part of an annual competition put on by the American Association of State Troopers to see who has the best cruisers. OSHP is competing against highway patrols from other states.

“Troopers from all over the county departments are submitting their cruisers for people to vote on. The voting ends on July 22nd. There’s only a few more days to get your vote in but we encourage everyone to visit our Facebook, visit our Twitter, any of our social media has the link to vote on it,” OSHP Trooper Brice Nihiser said.

Nihiser says Ohio State Highway Patrol deserves your vote because troopers put a lot of effort into their vehicles and they are more than just meets the eye.

“We take a ton of pride in our vehicles and we want everyone to know how much pride we put into research and development for them, all of the equipment that’s in them, and making sure that our people have a good place to work,” Nihiser said.

The State Highway Patrol very much appreciates your vote and you are allowed to cast one vote per any device.

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