Butterfield speaks to Zanesville Noon Rotary Club about increase in COVID cases.

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE – The Athens City Council passed an ordinance Monday requiring people in the city to wear a mask in public. ZMCHD Medical Director Dr. Jack Butterfield feels there is a possibility that a similar order could surface in Zanesville.

“If we are not responsible and we end up in red, the Governor is going to mandate it in our community and we might see some fines. I don’t know. If it’s not going to come from the Health Department and local legal authorities, the Health Department certainly would endorse if the Governor said mandatory masks in Muskingum County the Health Department is going to endorsing that completely,” Butterfield said.

Last night, following careful consideration, the Muskingum County Agricultural Society Board elected to cancel the 174th Muskingum County Fair.

“The Health Department did not force the Fair Board to call off the fair. The Fair Board looked at the restrictions that came from Columbus, handed down to the Health Department… we then shared to the Fair Board and the Fair Board realized they can’t meet those guidelines and they chose to cancel this year’s fair as has almost every other county in the state,” Butterfield said.

Dr. Butterfield fully believes Muskingum County can avoid moving to the third level of the public emergency chart. However, it is up to residents to contain the spread with proper social distancing and wearing a mask.