Ohio University – Zanesville is sharing Fall Semester Plans

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The University has been conducting virtual meetings with students to prepare for fall classes but beginning on July 20th, students can meet with academic advisers and financial aid officers face to face.

“So, I think accommodating the courses, there will be a blend between face to face and online courses and I think we’ll still be able to accommodate all the students on what they want to study and the courses that they need; it’ll be just the delivery system. I think the face to face will change a little bit because we’ll cut down the density on campus, we’re already working to rearrange classrooms so there’ll be less people in the classrooms but we’ll still be able to do face to face,” OU-Zanesville’s Holly Voltz said.

Staff will do everything possible when it comes to sanitizing and implementing social distancing when students return to campus.

“For the areas where there are higher densities with students, they’ll be sanitized after every student that’s there. The entrance areas and the high traffic areas will be highly sanitized. Like I said, traffic area will be controlled, density of students and staff, and faculty will be controlled. So, even in our lab situations, we have to figure out how we can still maintain the six foot distance between students and continue to maintain the high cleaning of areas,” Voltz said.

OU-Z’s fall semester begins on August 24th.