Muskingum County Commissioners held short public hearing to discuss 2020-21 budget.

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ZANESVILLE – County Commissioner Mollie Crooks says its very hard to anticipate what to expect for next year because of COVID-19.

“Our budget as far as permissive sales tax, which is the largest revenue source for the county; those permissive sales tax dollars have not taken the hit we had anticipated because we were a little ahead of the curve before COVID hit so that gave us a nice little cushion. The absolute worst thing that could happen is that we are forced to do some type of closure and, so, that I think, tells all of us that we need to to whatever it is we can do to now allow that to hit our economy again,” Crooks said.

The county has received more than $90,000 from the CARES act which will be a benefit when budgeting for next year.

“That definitely will help us when getting through the budget year. There were some extra expenses of COVID but the things we did, we were able to do kept the county running efficiently and honestly I don’t know if we saw many glitches or many deficiencies that occurred because of COVID because of the resources that we put together,” Crooks said.

Crooks encourages residents to patronize local businesses in any way they can keep to keep the county moving forward.

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