Local youth golfers will have chance to showcase skills in upcoming tournament

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The annual junior golf tournament at Crystal Springs Golf Club in Hopewell will be held on July 30th. 9 and 18 hole competitions will be made available for boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 18.

“There’s a lot of individuals but there’s a lot of coaches who will bring entire schools here. We’ve got a couple of teams signed up that have like anywhere from 4 to 10 of their players. It’s just kind of some good comradery to get to meet other people since the season is starting a couple days after the tournament,” Pro Shop Manager Jocele Kennedy said.

The golf club was wary at first of holding the tournament becuase of COVID but it does believe it is safe to go ahead with the competition,” Kennedy said.

“It’s kind of why we are just now posting about it because we weren’t sure with the COVID how things were going to be but the seasons are starting okay, kids are all starting to practice and the games are scheduled so we thought it was okay to go ahead and have it,” Kennedy said.

There is still some time to enter the contest and anyone who is interested is asked to call Crystal Springs or send an e-mail to crystalspringsgolf@hotmail.com.