Produce Being Sold At Blue Ribbon Farmers Market

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Blue Ribbon Farmers Market at the fairgrounds is starting to get produce to sell on Saturday mornings. 

Siegrist Orchard set up shop near the entrance to the fairgrounds sold many different produce items. Vendor Michael Siegrist explains what he has and will have as the summer goes on. 

“I have peaches and green beans, cucumbers, apples, and I did have peppers so that’s most of what I have right now… Yes we’ll have tomatoes and zucchinis. We had some Zucchinis today also. Like I said we’ll have more variety in apples and more variety in peaches.”

Siegrist says his cultivation process lends itself to putting out the freshest and most natural produce. 

“We just use the conventional method. We use very few chemicals, mostly just for weed control… We have almost two thousand acres north of Dresden… My great-great-grandfather established it in 1876 and we still have the original homestead. We’ve been adding on, we grow corn, soybeans, we have cattle. And then we also have an apple and peach orchard and plums and pears.”

The Blue Ribbon Farmers Market is at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds every Saturday from nine to noon. 

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