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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- For some of the top basketball talents in our area, a lot of them can be found in the gym with Todd Whiteman.

“Really what I want to do is be able to give kids an affordable opportunity to get better and too have resources that most people in this small town U.S.A don’t have,” Founder of Just Score Basketball, Todd Whiteman said.

As far as the talent, Whiteman works with, that includes the Muskingum Valley League player of year, Maysville senior Bailee Smith. Who was named to the All-Ohio first team and is committed to play at Youngstown State in 2021.

As well as Licking Valley 2020 graduate, Carson Conley, who will be playing at Ohio Northern in the fall.

And Matt Weir, who plays at Concord University and was a key part of the John Glenn team that won a state championship in 2016.

Weir said, “He’s helped me a lot. I mean more of a mental aspect than anything. The mentality of attacking people and never being satisfied.

Smith said, “Creating my own shot is what we’re working on a lot. Being explosive off the bounce because there’s a lot of good teams in the MVL. So you really need to create your own shot.”

Conley said, “Really trying to work out, staying in rhythm of my own shot it’s a nice shot but it’s inconsistent at times.”

And for all these athletes, it’s the energy and intensity that Coach Whiteman brings, that’s keep bringing them back.

“There’s always dudes in the gym that are better than me. That’s a good thing, as the saying goes, if you’re the best player at the camp you’re at the wrong camp. I think that holds true. I definitely get pushed here when we play one on one. I get my butt-whooped sometimes and that’s humbling but it’s good because that’s how you learn,” Conley said.

Smith said, “He’s more exciting and more, lets go get it and he’s so pumped about everything. You could have the best move and miss the shot and he’s still pumped for you. He’s a great guy.”

Weir said, “I don’t think you’re going to find another guy that’s more intense than him really out there. He’ll push you to a whole another level that you’ve never been pushed before.”

Whiteman said, “That’s just who I am. I’m a extremely passionate person and I always feel like I always have that. If I’m going to give myself to these young people, they’re going to get every ounce of me.”

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