Senator Schaffer Provides Legislative Update

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- State senator Tim Schaffer paid a visit to Zanesville today to provide an update from the state senate. 

Schaffer stopped by the WHIZ studio to talk about the state’s plan to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, namely at the local government level. 

“As of mid-June we have voted over 1.1 billion dollars in aid, 350 million of which goes to local governments, townships, cities and villages. We want to make sure that they can do the operations that they’ve experienced, increased costs from COVID, and there have been a lot of costs that they have had to sustain.”

Schaffer has also laid bare the state’s plan to give huge funds to school districts to help with their cost of maintenance. 

“Another part of that 1.1 billion is 439 million for schools across the state. The governor had to cut a lot of state expenses when the tax receipts plummeted and a lot of the Cares Act money from the federal government coming in will, 439 million of it, to help replenish a lot of that money for our schools.”

Schaffer is a senator from the 20th district which also includes Hocking, Fairfield and Guernsey counties.