Congressman Troy Balderson Visits Zanesville

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Congressman Troy Balderson visited Zanesville today stopping by Terry’s Tavern. 

The visit was part of a series of visits to local businesses in the 12th congressional district to see the effects of national legislation on local businesses. Balderson visited the bar and met with owner Joel Tignor and manager Joanne Holanda.

“We are here today, we’re doing a back to business tour  through the 12th congressional district. We started about three weeks ago, started in Delaware and we’re going throughout the whole district. We’re in Zanesville today, making stops here, we’re gonna be in Richland County. It’s a lot of fun getting back out there, talking to these small business owners that have survived this pandemic and are working really hard to make sure that most of the stops we are making participated in the PPP program.”

Balderson says that there is new legislation recently signed that will protect small businesses through August of this year. The legislation is meant to protect in case of a second shutdown. 

“There is a fourth package being worked on. I did just get passed and signed into law by the president last week, cosponsored with a representative from Minnesota, it was a bipartisan bill. We extended the PPP up to August eighth and there is still a hundred and thirty billion dollars in funds left for that, so, having that extension is a welcome pleasure for a lot of people.”

Balderson also wanted to reiterate the importance of wearing a mask for the safety of others.