Bar Owners Across Ohio Fear Possible Second Round of Shutdowns

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ZANESVILLE, OH – Bar owners across Ohio are concerned with the possibility of a second wave of shutdowns.

Jim Watson is following all the regulations including social distancing, increased outdoor seating, reduced capacity inside, and masks are worn by employees; all to make sure that he can stay open.

“Yeah we’re nervous about it and I think everybody is looking at what’s going on especially across the country and across our region because we want to keep people safe, but we want to also be able to remain open and have an income opportunity for our establishment as well as for our employees.”

Watson also has plans in place of what they would do if one of his employees were to test positive for the virus.

“We have some plans in place, we look at, you know it’s vacation season so we look at where people go and you know what the counts are in areas where they go to and you know so we have different policies in place to take care of that. If someone would test positively we would have to look at what interaction they had with other employees and those kind of things, we definitely want to take steps to make sure that everybody is safe and especially our customers are kept safe.”

Watson also encourages everyone to continue to support local businesses, restaurants, and bars as they all have suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic and could use the support of the community.

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