High temperatures are felt by your pets as well

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The Animal Shelter Society says use your best judgment. You can gauge just how severe the conditions can be yourself before exposing your animal to them.

“What we want to do as a human being is we go out and we put our hand on the sidewalk and if you can’t count to three and not move it, its not as hot. If you put your hand down and you can’t make that to three, then there’s a problem. You don’t want to have them out on that sidewalk. It can be a medical issue, very painful, and they could die from that,” Animal Shelter Society Board Member April Cohagen – Gibson said.

Of course, keep your pet hydrated but you also need to be conscious of the way your prepare its food.

“You want to keep fresh water; fresh cool water out of the sunlight and the same thing with their food. Be careful what types of bowls you use. You don’t want to use a metal bowl right now because they heat up and their mouths, their nose, and such can be harmed from it,” Cohagen – Gibson said.

Cohagen – Gibson also said don’t underestimate how the hot the inside of your vehicle is when taking your pet to travel.

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