Safety First this 4th of July

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This 4th of July the Coronavirus outbreak will have more people taking advantage of campgrounds and grilling in the backyard.

The AAA Auto Club Insurance Agency said there are four common and costly mishaps that surround holiday fireworks, boating, grilling and risky driving. An expert said it’s best to know your insurance before celebrating.

“You really want to know your homeowners policy and know what it covers,” said AAA Sr. Manger of Public Affairs Kimberly Schwind. “If there are injuries to guests on your property a standard homeowners policy is typically going to have some limited medical coverage, to help cover injuries to those guests.”

When it comes to grilling out AAA said do so safely. Each year 5,700 grill fires take place on residential properties, causing an average of $37 million in damage.

“Keep your grill away from the property, making sure that you’re properly cleaning it, that you aren’t having loose clothing dangling over it and that you are letting it cool completely before tossing it into your truck or putting it away,” suggested Schwind.

For the 97 percent of those traveling by vehicle this summer, experts said, put the phone down, slow down, drive sober and move over when approaching vehicles with flashing lights.

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