Animal Shelter Society shares pet of the week

Local News

ZANESVILLE – This week’s pet is a cat named Zephyr. Zephyr is five years old, is very loving, and ready to be added to a family looking to adopt.

“He is very particular about his feeding time. He likes that bowl to be only for him. Other than that, he’s great. He is actually fully sponsored and so he will be ready go home next weekend after he has his final vet check,” Shelter Society Board Member April Cohagen – Gibson said.

While the fourth is a fun day for folks who may decide to check out the fireworks, the holiday is often not nearly as enjoyable for many pets.

“Animals are afraid. They’re afraid of the noises, the big booms, and the day after or the Monday after we have a lot of pets that are dropped off here at the shelter (and) surrenders because they can’t find their families that’s why its so important and its allowed to have dog tags for your animal. The other thing we offer at the shelter is to have them chipped or special tags here so we can get them back to the rightful owner,” Cohagen – Gibson said.

Cohagen – Gibson also highly recommends keeping your pet inside for the Fourth of July as well as other hot days that are upon us.

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