Sheriff Matt Lutz Stresses Safety and Mindfulness When Using Fireworks

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ZANESVILLE, OH – With the Fourth of July Weekend approaching, Sheriff Matt Lutz wants citizens to be safe when handling fireworks.

While setting off fireworks is illegal in the state of Ohio, Lutz would like everyone to be mindful of others and maintain safety while using fireworks.

“With that comes into play, folks setting off their own fireworks in backyards and different places across our county and you know it is illegal to set off fireworks unless you have the proper permits, however you know in Ohio and Muskingum County there’s folks that go out and buy fireworks and they’ll do those what we call home fireworks shows or home shows in their backyards every year. Obviously we get a lot of calls and complaints about those, we don’t do a lot of citations with those, but we do answer those calls.”

If you are causing a nuisance or are setting off fireworks in an unsafe manner, you could possibly face a citation.

“Especially the ones that are being a nuisance and are being unsafe and so obviously the biggest concern for us over the 4th of July is making sure that people stay as safe as possible. We want them to enjoy the fireworks that’s why they’re being professionally done downtown off the Y-Bridge that people can go watch, and we would like for them to do that, but you know when it comes to fireworks in your backyard, if somebody chooses to do that we want them to do it in a safe manner and we want them to be kind of cognoscente of their neighbors.”

Sheriff Lutz also encourages social distancing and wearing masks if you plan on going out to watch the fireworks on Saturday evening.

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