Zane State College is preparing for its Fall semester

Local News

ZANESVILLE – The college has adapted and will be offering courses that will accommodate the needs of all of the students.

“If they want to stay home and continue their education through online efforts, they’re welcome to do that. We also have remote courses available as well as flexible courses and then your traditional face to face courses as well, so; literally something for everyone,” ZSC’s Molly Dunn said.

Dunn says that the campus will be repeatedly and entirely sanitized before students arrive and during the semester.

“So, our facilities operations; they are on top of the sanitations efforts and its their number one priority of course. As we come back from summer, we are disinfecting everything regularly and hand sanitizers have been installed. We have a surplus on campus right now,” Dunn said.

ZSC’s first day of classes for the Fall are on August 17th.

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