City of Zanesville purchases former Lear Property on Linden Ave.

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ZANESVILLE – The city was the only bidder when the Muskingum County Land Bank posted an opening for the property in the beginning of the month.

The city posted the minimum calling for $28,000. A majority of Muskingum County Land Bank members approved for the City of Zanesville to take over the property.

Mayor and long-time Zanesville resident Don Mason takes the new ownership of the property very seriously.

“It’s very personal because I know how many thousands of people used to work hard there to support their families. I know how many hundreds of people used to live in the area and were proud to live in the area and I know how many motorists have driven by over the years and I just think that our city has been disrespected, been slapped in the face, and this is hopefully our first step forward in rebuilding the area,” Mason said.

The Land Bank also discussed other properties in its inventory including an over 1,500 square foot family home on 858 Jackson Street in Zanesville.

“What happened is we got two bids that contractors put forward to demolish it and the one was half of what the other one was so we awarded it to the low bid,” Roberts said.

Also during the meeting, County Commissioner and Land Bank member Jim Porter abruptly resigned his position from the land bank and left the Commission Chamber.

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