There’s still time to take part in MCLS’ Summer Reading Program

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ZANESVILLE – The program runs until July 31st. The library’s goal is to reach one million combined minutes read from folks who have signed up.

“As you read you log how many minutes (and) hours you’re read and then it’ll go into this gigantic pot pretty much and all together our main goal is to reach 1 million. Right now, I think we’re around 250,000 minutes and that’s just as the end of June so we’re doing pretty well,” Youth Services Asst. Librarian Katie Merritt said.

Merritt says that this year’s summer reading involves many more activites than simply reading books.

“When you think of summer reading, you think, oh, I have to read books. Well, we have a lot more than that. We have take-a-makes which are in these little paper bags and you can come in and take them home and each week they’re a different theme. This week, you’re going to make little red, white, and blue pins out of safety pins and beads and if you do those, on the website or on the app, Beanstack, there’s a checkmark you’ll make and you’ll earn a badge. There’s a whole bunch of different badges you can earn by doing different things,” Merritt said.

Those badges can be used to earn different prizes. Anyone who is interested can join as late as July 31st and more information can be found on the MCLS website.

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