Juneteenth Voter Celebration Held At Zane’s Landing

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A Juneteenth voter registration celebration took place at Zane’s Landing Park Sunday afternoon.

The celebration had food vendors, music and inflatable attractions. Melissa Dickinson organized the event and emphasized the importance of voter registration. 

“We had planned it for quite some time, almost immediately after the march we planned it. We didn’t put it out because things were still shut down and there were still restrictions… It’s very important, the people that are holding these offices are there because they’ve been elected. People complain about them but their complaints are not valid because they did not come and register. You wanna see a change you need to come and register to vote so you can vote for who you would like to see in there.”

Independent sheriff candidate Josh Weaver was in attendance at the event. He stressed the importance of law enforcement playing a more integrated part in the community. 

“That’s one of the biggest complaints people have is that we don’t have enough, the current sheriff doesn’t interact with the community itself, and it’s not until it’s some high profile incident that they ever see him. The sheriff’s job is to be the voice of the community and he should be active within the community. I’ve been active ever since I’ve been in law enforcement and even before that.”

The event went until five pm and was well received by the community. 

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