Fresh Produce At Farmers Market

Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Zanesville Farmers Market is home to many wonderful vendors. 

One such vendor is Cherry Orchards. Cherry Orchards is owned and operated by Neil Cherry who explains his inventory. 

“Well we’re selling plants, primarily herbs and a few flowers today. Our first fruit of the season is a few blueberries and we have a little bit of our produce, a few cucumbers and we had zucchini and lettuce but those have already sold out today. Our garden is slow but it is coming, in a week or two we should have quite a bit of tomatoes and cabbage and peppers and zucchini and all that.”

Cherry’s cultivation process is a very careful one to preserve the vegetables in their natural state. 

“My tomatoes are primarily staked so they stay clean and we raise the older varieties primarily, what we think are the best flavor. They may not be as pretty or as waxy looking as some of them in the supermarket but the flavor is gonna be fabulous here at the farmers market.”

Cherry Orchards frequents the Zanesville Farmers Market and can be found there on Saturday mornings. 

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