Lorena Sternwheeler Starts Summer Rides

COVID-19 Local News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Popular Zanesville tourist attraction the Lorena Sternwheeler is opening up for rides on July 2nd. 

The Lorena will take tourists down the Muskingum River. Vice President of the Zanesville/Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce Kelly Ashby has more details. 

“The Lorena Sternwheeler is going to have a wonderful season this year. We will kick off July second and we will have public rides, and we also have twilight cruises. We unfortunately will not be offering lunch or dinner cruises this year, with food. However we will keep the lunch cruises, those times set, so if you have a schedule those lunch cruises will just turn into public rides.”

The lunches and dinner sare not being offered because of COVID-19. Passengers are allowed to bring their own refreshments. Ashby also spoke to the other precautions being taken. 

“We are definitely following safety and sanitary precautions. The surfaces will be wiped down. We will ask that passengers wear a mask and we are following that each group be separated by six feet. There are tables on the Lorena Sternwheeler and we will be doing the every other table type of seating.”

Tickets must be booked in advance and can be booked by phone or by stopping into the chamber of Commerce’s office. 

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